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Wall Hoods

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Stunning Ventilation hoods for you Kitchen..... Created by MODERNAIRE


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 I have always said “there are two types of hoods ones that work and ones that look good” When it comes to Modern-Aire that statement is no longer true.  Modern-Aire offers the standard Pro Line Hoods along with the traditional Pyramid style hoods, these hoods carry the usual refined fit and finish. Modern-Aire offers a further 13 hood designs to accompany the Pro line and Pyramid hoods in their standard line up. As always you have the option to select the finish you would like to have your hood.  Now when we go past the standard line Modern-Aire offers you  a plethora of breath taking designer shapes finished in color or metal finish, in this category of hoods the only things that limits you is you imagination, if you can dream it Modern-Aire can most likely build it. Not only can they build a stunning hood but they will also make sure it works from a functional point of view .  All the hoods below can turned into a Custom Range hood with just a little imagination. 


Island Hoods 

When customers decide to put a range, range top or cooktop in a island location, they have only three options 
1)    Make it bold 
2)   Go for sleek
3)   Use a insert surrounded by wood cabinetry 

Which ever you decide to do Modern-Aire will accommodate your wishes in every detail. Modern-Aire can make it bold or sleek and still work. To make a hood functional you need to have a large capture area, with Modern-Aire they can make the capture area any size to suit your needs or design.

It is comforting to know that the center piece to your kitchen can be stunning and yet do the job it was designed to do that being removing smoke and grease from the kitchen.

If you are looking for a stunning center piece to your new kitchen Modern-Aire has it or will make it for you. All the hoods below can turned into a Custom Range hood with just a little imagination. 

Liners / Inserts 

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While you may never see a liner / insert the Modern-Aire liners / inserts are finished equally as well as the wall hoods and island hoods they manufacture. 

All Liners / Inserts incorporate all the same features as the main hood line, solid stainless steel baffles, powerful lights to brighten your cooking experience or set low they give a warm glow to your range top or cooktop.

The blower options to accompany your Liner / insert range from 400 cfm - 2400 cfm. Internal blowers range from 400 cfm - 1200 cfm. The remote range from 1000 cfm - 1400 cfm, with a further offering of In-Line Blowers with a cfm range of 850 cfm and 1200 cfm.

When it comes to size Modern-Aire offer standard sizes of 
28”    34”    40”  46”  52” and 54” widths. Special sizes can be made to order.

You have two big advantage going for you if you select to use a insert / line, that would be capture area.When it comes to hoods capture area is king, if you want a hood to work extremely well then increase the capture area. When you increase the capture area the smoke and grease goes into the hood much easier. All smoke and grease wants to do is to get high and wide like any other fire.

When using an insert / liner you can make the capture area of the hood as large as you choose, because you are building the capture area from the cabinetry.

Look at it this way...... It’s like an upturned sink you are building the bowl and i am supplying the plug hole, everything that goes in the bowl will end up going out of the plug hole due to the hot air pushing the smoke and grease to find the highest point. 

If noise is a concern to you then a wooden structure will deaden the noise from the blowers to a degree. Clearly this will not stop all noise but will make a different. 

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